Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This, I Believe, is a Good Thing

This I Believe began as a radio broadcast and grew into an international project encouraging people from all walks of life to write and share their personal essays concerning the core values that guide their daily lives.
The whole concept started with Edward R. Murrow who hosted the popular “This I Believe” radio series. Below is the first paragraph of his original introduction:
“This I Believe. By that name, we bring you a new series of radio broadcasts presenting the personal philosophies of thoughtful men and women in all walks of life. In this brief time each night, a banker or a butcher, a painter or a social worker, people of all kinds who need have nothing more in common than integrity—a real honesty—will talk out loud about the rules they live by, the things they have found to be the basic values in their lives.”

You can read more HERE
*You also have the option of listening to the original broadcast! This might only be exciting to communication studies majors like me. I wish broadcasts still sounded like that!

Murrow apparently brought the original broadcast to light because he believed that there was a need for such a radio program at that time in American history, and said his own beliefs were “in a state of flux.”

The This I Believe website allows you to search different essays. One essay I found touched my heart and gave me chills. It was written by a 6 year old! As the story goes, when Tarak McLain’s kindergarten group celebrated their 100th day of class, some kids brought 100 nuts or cotton balls. Tarak brought a list of 100 things that he believes in.

Go HERE to listen or read his list.

Not only is this boy now someone I look up to, but he gives me hope for the future... even if his parents wrote this essay for him.

Tarak is now 7 years old. He was born in Thailand and lives with his family in Austin, Texas. He collects and hands out food to the homeless, raises money for orphans and impoverished schools, reads about the world’s religions and listens to public radio. If this kid doesn’t inspire you I don’t know what will.

So thank you to This I Believe for 60 years of inspiration. I hope these essays will bring comfort and motivation to all people, from all walks of life for years to come.


  1. Wow talk about a cause to participate in. I actually the whole time reading this was thinking of postsecret.com. It's a community art project but there are books out there on this art project where people send in anonymous postcards with cool pictures on the front, of their deepest secret that they've never shared with anyone else. Then they share it with the world anonymously. Also the child story really touched me reminded me of a story that child soldier chickwanine or however you spell it he was here last week, after he got to canada, one of his classmates read an article on what was going on in other countries so this 11 year old boy raised money took a trip over to the country met with the children working in factories and continues to this day to help out, he created an organization basically when he was 11. Started as a after school project and went global when he was old enough. Inspiration everywhere I love the post it's absolutely touching.

  2. I want to meet Tarak. I feel like than young man will change the lives of many in his life. The entire concept is amazing and I really think this is the kind of event we could do in our own communities or organizations. It would be a way for everyone involved to become closer and to help each individual to understand themselves better.

  3. Megan - What a great thing to celebrate. NPR usually makes me snore, but my dad always listened to Paul Harvey when he was alive and told my mom and I the stories. "This I Believe" inspires me to write and explore on here. I'm so happy this was created 60 years and it thrives in 2010 today. I especially love Tarak's 100 things. So wise for a 6-year-old. I wish many of our leaders and older members of society had as much wisdom, charisma and positive attitude as he does. He will go far in life, and I am one of many that he will inspire. I plan to put the link to Tarak's list on Facebook to spread the word about him and get people interested. Great job!!! :)