Saturday, January 23, 2010

Capturing What We Care About Most

A large part of how we represent who we are can be attributed to the personal objects we are fond of the most. We use these objects, subconsciously or not, to announce our identities and heritage and to personalize our environment. Specifically, in face-to-face contact, we craft our intended image by the way we dress and the objects we carry. Many times these objects are representative of hobbies, professions, and even relationships.

These objects are known as artifacts and they help define us everyday. Some people are so proud of these artifacts that they choose to capture them forever in a picture. It’s one thing to take a picture while you’re playing your favorite sport, with your co-workers at work, or at an anniversary party with your spouse. It’s another to pay for a professional picture while clutching or wearing one of these artifacts proudly.

Which brings me to one of the most brilliant websites that I have ever come across in my Internet probing experience. This website combines professionally taken photographs with individuals proudly showcasing exactly who they are among the objects that help define them. is a website that we all can relate to but at the same time question the sanity of some people living and breathing among us.

-Warning: some of the images you are about to see may be offensive to certain viewers.-

Say you love Star Trek. In another life you believe that you were Captain Kirk. Why not get the whole family involved, creating your every own Starfleet platoon, and making your dream a reality by posing for a quick picture? I’m willing to bet that this family, to this day, has this picture hanging proudly in their living room…which is probably a replica of the Starfleet command center. Live well and prosper my friends.

Holy hot pants! Is this required attire for avid cyclists? You know what… even if it is this pose is definitely NOT required. I just can’t imagine the photographer for this picture saying, “Perfect! Hold it right there.”

Who in this family said, “I think we should dress up like characters from Winnie the Pooh for our family portrait?”
Two questions:
1. Where on God’s green Earth did they find these costumes?
2. Since when is Eeyore ever smiling? If you’re going to dress like him you better act the part, mister!

This is just a taste of what people are capable of doing in a family photo. I must say, I have to give them credit for celebrating the things they love; however their execution missed the mark. So, what’s the lesson here? Some obsessions are best kept behind closed doors and never meant to be frozen in time. Of course, when they are captured, they make for some GREAT entertainment.


  1. Megan,

    I think you've captured the essence of a blog post: short, sweet and to the point. More importantly, it was a great read and very enjoyable. I want more! haha

    I like your style, it looks like you're already starting to develop a voice. I can see traces of you speaking in your written words, and I think that's a good thing - to see your own speech in your writing. It makes you seem even more real, even though that particular reader may have never met you.

    I wanted a picture, or something, to go along with it. But, I liked your links and how you distributed them throughout your post to keep it interesting and intriguing.

    Good job!
    Looking forward to this week's post!

    -Laura Beth :)

  2. Thanks LB!
    I opted for no picture because I wanted to leave the element of surprise for the reader as they went through each awkward example.
    But I agree, I think that a picture or something to that effect makes each post seem less bare and much more intriguing!