Thursday, January 14, 2010

Embarassing + Awkward = My Life in a Nutshell

I've decided to uncover some old journal entries of mine from years past (and by years past I mean last year). It's nice to go back through these old entries and take a brisk walk... or better yet a sprint... down memory lane to see how far I've come. I'm sure I'm not the only one with the thoughts that I penned not so long ago. Maybe these entries will be relatable? ...But hopefully for your sake they're not. Here is the first entry I am willing to share with the world:

-January 21, 2009-

"Small Revelation:
When it comes to relationships I tend to have, what I'm sure most people these days consider, an old fashioned way of thinking. Could this ultimately lead to my demise? (Thank you, Thesaurus)
Maybe my "old fashioned" tendencies don't fit in with the modern way of thinking, but is it asking too much for a guy to have some manners? I'm not just talking about the chewing-with-their-mouth-open-while-spewing-food-everywhere-because-their-busy-telling-a-great-joke-guy or the let's-see-who-can-hock-the-biggest-loogie guy. I'm talking about those manners that momma hopefully taught you. I'm not ashamed to say that I would like a chick-flick to play out in my life: I want to be wooed and courted and maybe have a door opened for me every once and a while. I think, deep down, I'd like to have that fairytale, happy, cheesy, cliche , etc ending--even though, let's be honest it's probably not going to happen (at least not the way I hope). Regardless, I still hope that one day someone will come along and prove me wrong.
So what can be the lesson here?
Hope for the best and expect...less."

Wow. That got depressing pretty fast. I promise not all of them are this "holy hell I want to slit my wrists" worthy. Stay tuned for another embarrassing & awkward journal entry!

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